Spiders In My Bed

So , I wasnt going to make a post tonight, however as I was lying in my bed, all tucked up and browsing twitter, a big spider fell on to my laptop keyboard. As I hadn’t seen this spider beforehand, I quickly slammed the case shut, squashing it immediately. I scanned the ceiling and bed for any more eight legged critters and as there was no others I decided to get back into bed.

However, now I keep thinking that I can feel spiders crawling on me and it’s really annoying. I keep questioning ‘ what would have happened if i were asleep and that spider came down?’ Would it have just crawled over me or would it crawl into my mouth and down my throat, just like the myth of humans eating spiders in their sleep goes.

What is it with animals making their way into my bed? Not so long ago I was stung by a huge wasp at 3.45 am, as it had made its’ way in my sheets and up  my bottoms!


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I was born in Luton in 1995 and I am currently a student studying Business, Economics, English Language and History at Harlington. I am a Manchester Utd supporter but sometimes i am inclined to go and see West Ham Utd play. I also love music and film and one day I shall make a movie. Johnny Cash, Lana Del Rey and Park Ji Sung are few of my many idols.

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