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Top 10 Superhero Movies

Although comic books and superhero movies both have geeky connotations, they are both dominant features of childhood, not as much comic books for mine, and are hugely demanded worldwide for their fun, imagination and  the butt kicking action! As the latest superhero movie – The Avengers – grossing at $523,563,000 and being the second biggest selling superhero movie of all time and it has only been released for a few weeks, there is a clear indication that superhero movies are proving more popular as time goes on.

Hopefully The Avengers paves the way for even bigger superhero movies and plenty more from the likes of Wolverine, Spider Man and friends. Here is my top 10 superhero movies –

10. Spiderman

9. X-Men Origins : Wolverine

8. Fantastic 4

7. The Incredible Hulk

6. Spiderman 3

5. Iron Man

4. X-Men : First Class

3. Kick – Ass

2. Batman : The Dark Knight

1. X-Men Trilogy

I did write explanations about my rankings, but I accidentally deleted all 400 words of it!



Pocketful of Sunshine

The other day I finally watched the film ‘Easy A’ which stars the amazing Emma Stone and other great actors such as the much-loved Lisa Kudrow and Stanley Tucci who redeems himself from his scary and creepy performance in ‘The Lovely Bones’.

This film is truly original and has some hilarious movie moments that will stick forever, such as Emma’s rendition of the cheesy song ‘Pocketful of sunshine’ as seen in the link below :