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WordPress is a pile of shit. I spent ages writing 600 hundred words, followed with searching and arranging pictures and it deletes itself. I am livid


Spiders In My Bed

So , I wasnt going to make a post tonight, however as I was lying in my bed, all tucked up and browsing twitter, a big spider fell on to my laptop keyboard. As I hadn’t seen this spider beforehand, I quickly slammed the case shut, squashing it immediately. I scanned the ceiling and bed for any more eight legged critters and as there was no others I decided to get back into bed.

However, now I keep thinking that I can feel spiders crawling on me and it’s really annoying. I keep questioning ‘ what would have happened if i were asleep and that spider came down?’ Would it have just crawled over me or would it crawl into my mouth and down my throat, just like the myth of humans eating spiders in their sleep goes.

What is it with animals making their way into my bed? Not so long ago I was stung by a huge wasp at 3.45 am, as it had made its’ way in my sheets and up  my bottoms!

Samantha Brick is pretty… pretty deluded

There has been a lot of talk the past few days about THAT article that Samantha Brick wrote for the Daily Mail which was about how beautiful she was and how her beauty causes all women, yes all women (Does that include Beyonce?) to feel jealous of her. Furthermore Samantha believes that she has flown by in life due to her ‘good looks’ and supposedly being ‘the most attractive woman in the room’.

Throughout this article i begin to question whether or not this is actually a joke. Surely someone can’t truly be deluded enough to write an article in a popular news paper about how good-looking she is.

Maybe it’s not a joke, maybe it’s a story trying to get pity from the public, or a failed attempt at standing up for women, I just don’t know. (The fact that this woman had the balls to do this is still baffling!) However as I watched her try and weasel her way out of the situation in an interview on ‘This Morning’ I had a feeling that this article could in fact be a publicity stunt, and as critics have recently estimated that Samantha has made the Daily Mail around £100,000, my theory has been supported. The main point that has annoyed me is the fact that this woman isn’t even that good-looking ( she’s no Zooey Deschanel) and with the addition of her awful, arrogant personality this woman clearly isn’t a catch.

Yes, Samantha obviously forgot that beauty is reflected through personality aswell as she was most probably blinded by her nose as she looks down on other women. Personally I’d much prefer Miranda Hart and her amazing personality, rather than the mediocre looking, shrewd like old Sammy.